Tips On How To Choose A Good Rug For Your Home

Tips On How To Choose A Good Rug For Your Home

Tips to buy good rug

The right area rug will pull your space together and enhance your interior decoration. With the wide range of materials, patterns, colours, and sizes available, finding the ideal rug can be a complicated and intimidating process. Below is a guide to help you find the ideal area rug for any room in your home.

Choose The Right Size

A great rule of thumb when deciding on the size of your area rug is to work with the room’s obstructions. This can include walkways, vents, and where the doors hinge to open and close. Most experts will size the rug to ensure that it reaches underneath all four feet of every furniture piece or if you’re looking for a living room rug, one that runs under the front feet of the sofa.

For smaller spaces that are enclosed with walls and doorways, a single large area rug is ideal. If you’re working with a larger space that has an open floor concept, don’t be afraid to use multiple rugs to define certain areas.

Four essential tips to buy a good rug

Four essential tips to buy a good rug

Define Your Space With Patterns Or A Plain Design

Deciding between a boldly patterned rug or a classic plain design comes down to how you want your space to look and feel. Consider your overall vision for the interior design of your home and if you want your rug to be the defining feature.

There are endless choices available for area rugs of all kinds of patterns and colours, from simple contemporary designs to bold statement pieces. We recommend visiting your local area rug store where you can see different patterns in person that will allow you to envision the look for your space.

Consider The Right Material For Your Needs

Choosing the right material for your area rug comes down to preference and your budget. While plant-based fibres like cotton and linen are fairly inexpensive, they are easily damaged by wear and spills. On the other hand, materials like allo and wool are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Area rugs come in a wide selection of other materials like sisal, silk, cowhide, and synthetic fibre to name a few. Although some materials will cost you more, they are durable and designed to last.

The Bottom Line

Area rugs can be quite expensive, so be sure to choose one that you will love seeing every day. It’s best to visit area rug stores, ask design experts, and view different rugs in person.

To choose an item that has such a significant effect on your home takes care and thoughtful consideration. You want a quality rug that won’t break your budget and will last for years to come.

Our shop local guarantee means we will match any competitor’s price on identical products.  If we don’t have the products you’re looking for we’ll gladly search the market for it.  With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ll also be glad to explain how you get what you pay for with quality products and installations.