Carpet Flooring: Warm and Cozy Flooring Options for Winter

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Carpet Flooring for Warm and Cozy Feel

Carpet Flooring: Warm and Cozy Flooring Options for Winter


Cochrane residents know that winter in Alberta can last six months or more each year, and with temperatures hitting the low -40 °C’s, anything we can do to boost warmth is ideal.

Carpet flooring serves more than just adding comfort and style to your home. They prove especially beneficial during the colder months. While all flooring types have benefits, carpets stand out for their superior performance in colder climates. Working with a premium carpet flooring store in Cochrane is recommended for those considering a flooring upgrade. Here’s why carpets have become an increasingly popular choice as a Cochrane resident.

Benefits of Choosing Carpet Flooring

While hard floors are favoured for their ease of cleaning and stain resistance, they lack insulating properties. In colder weather, hardwood floors can feel uncomfortably cold. Adding a rug can provide additional insulation, creating a warmer environment. The dense fibres of carpet flooring are effective at trapping heat during winter and keeping the space cool in summer, making rugs a preferred choice in regions with colder climates. The thicker the carpet, the better its capacity to retain heat, reducing heating costs.

Carpets can absorb moisture, helping to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your home during the damp, cold months.

The softness of carpets adds warmth and reduces the strain on your feet and back. This advantage becomes particularly appreciable when hosting guests during the holiday season. The cushioning effect provided by carpet padding makes standing and mingling for extended periods significantly more comfortable.

Safety is another critical benefit of carpeting during winter. Wet, snowy footwear can make floors dangerously slippery. Carpet flooring offers better grip and stability, minimizing the risk of slips and falls. Stairs can pose safety hazards to many people with mobility issues, and carpet flooring can help reduce those hazards, offering increased resistance.

A well-chosen carpet flooring can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. They introduce a spectrum of colours and patterns that can illuminate and add vitality to a space.

Beyond just complementing your existing décor, choosing a beautiful carpet can become a striking focal point.

Carpet flooring can decrease noise levels and reduce echoes in a space. The difference is noticeable when comparing the sound of footsteps on a hard surface versus a carpet floor. The latter significantly softens the impact of footsteps, resulting in quieter movements and less disturbance to others. Carpet flooring absorbs all sounds beyond footsteps, resulting in a quieter home in general.

Carpet Flooring in Cochrane

At Riverbend Interiors Floors & Decor, we provide a wide range of carpet flooring options that enhance your home’s warmth and safety in every season. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with selecting and fitting the ideal carpet to make your winter months more enjoyable. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate, and let us help you transform your home with comfortable, stylish, and safe flooring.

Replacing Your Floors with Hardwood Flooring

The Truth About Replacing Your Floors


When you start thinking about replacing your floors, do you get overwhelmed? It can seem like a daunting task. You look around, see your furniture, and wonder, where would I put it all? I don’t want to move out of my house for weeks. How will we function without a kitchen? 

It may seem like replacing all floors in your home with vinyl plank flooring or hardwood flooring will take weeks and require you to move out. This is not the case, not even in large homes where all flooring is being replaced. The truth is most jobs can be done in 5 days or less.

Order of Installation

Riverbend Interiors has specialized crews that only install what they are great at. This means we have a crew that only installs vinyl plank flooring, a crew that only installs carpet flooring, a crew that only installs tile flooring and one that only installs hardwood flooring

Our specialized crews ensure the work is done quickly, with the best possible final product. There is also a proper order to the installations when doing multiple products. Tile goes first, then hard surface, and finally carpet. 

The Logistics of Furniture, Appliances and Baseboards

As professionals, we here at Riverbend have a system that allows you to stay in your home with minimal inconvenience. While it’s true you will have to move the little stuff and electronics, we move the large stuff out of and back into a room often on the same day. Our process means you can sleep in your room, and we move the furniture out of the room in the morning, lay the flooring, and then move the furniture back in before we leave that day. 

Flooring can be done in multiple small rooms in one day. The same goes for the kitchen. We move the appliances in and out with an air sled so as not to damage your new flooring. In most cases, it can be done in one day. The installation crews will remove and reinstall any baseboards and doors that need to come off for the installation. 

Riverbend will work closely with you to set a schedule day by day so you know what to expect and to make sure your world is not disrupted more than it has to be.

What to Expect Before the Installation

The installation process begins after you have accepted a quote from Riverbend Interiors. The product will be ordered, and once the order confirmation comes in, the Riverbend scheduler will work with you to choose the most convenient date and one that is the least disruptive to your life. 

Customers often choose when they are on vacation, but this is optional. At this point, the scheduler will let you know roughly how many days your job will take. A more detailed schedule will be shared a week before the installation date, and all the job details will be gone through, so you will know exactly what to expect.

What to Expect During Installation

On the agreed-upon date, the installation crew will arrive at your house. If you have questions about the installation process, you’ll meet with your lead installer about the details. You should have a pretty good idea of the plan before they arrive, but it’s always good to go over the details with the installer as they will better grasp the scope of work once they see the workspace. They will tell you how long they will work each day and what they expect to accomplish that day.  

Installing New Floors with Riverbend Interiors

That’s it! After the crew has completed the job, a Riverbend employee will reach out to ensure you are satisfied with the process and outcome. New flooring may sound like a huge undertaking, but it can be painless and rewarding with the professionals at Riverbend. 

The beauty and character you will add to your home will be worth the minor inconvenience of the installation. Whether you’re looking for vinyl plank flooring, hardwood flooring or carpet flooring, our professional team can help transform your home. Contact us today. 

Vinyl Plank Flooring for Kitchen

Is Vinyl Plank Flooring a Good Choice in Your Kitchen?


The kitchen is a busy gathering place in your home, and for many, it is the heart of the house. Changing up your flooring can significantly impact the look of your space. There are many flooring options to choose from, but vinyl plank flooring has become one of the most popular for many reasons. 

Benefits of Using Vinyl Plank Flooring in Your Kitchen

Water-resistant and easy-to-clean

Vinyl plank flooring is both water-resistant and easy to clean, making it a popular choice for the kitchen. Especially for those with young children or pets, messes are inevitable. Active kitchen owners will love vinyl plank flooring for these features. 

Durable and resilient

An important detail of flooring is its durability and how long it lasts. When you invest in a new floor, you don’t want to replace it in a few years because it couldn’t keep up. Vinyl plank flooring is highly durable, making it an excellent choice for kitchens. You can expect it to last up to twenty years with proper care and maintenance. If you damage a plank, it is a simple, quick fix requiring no tools.

Lower cost

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most affordable options, making it ideal for those who want to upgrade on a budget while getting the best bang for your buck. Vinyl plank flooring offers realistic Hardwood, tile, and stone looks without the price.


Spending time standing in the kitchen happens when cooking meals, so comfortable flooring is necessary if you love to cook. Vinyl plank flooring is quite soft and retains warmth, so it’s more comfortable to stand on than other flooring options. It also helps to prevent dropped glass items from breaking. 


As vinyl plank flooring gains popularity, the selection of designs and finishes expands to include modern touches and various designs. With realistic wood, stone, and ceramic tile appearance, you can find a vinyl that matches your taste and preferences.

Choosing the Best Vinyl Plank Flooring in Cochrane

For the best selection of vinyl flooring in Cochrane, Riverbend Interiors can help make your kitchen renovation dreams a reality. With the support of our expert team, we can help you get the look of hardwood flooring for a fraction of the price. If you’re ready to install one of the top flooring styles in your kitchen, you’ll have the best experience with us. Choosing your new luxury vinyl plank flooring has never been easier with the help of Riverbend Interiors.

Merry Christmas From Riverbend Interiors

Merry Christmas From Riverbend Interiors


Our Riverbend Interiors team wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and the best of the holidays! As a local business in Cochrane, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support of our community.

The holiday season is an exciting time for celebrations and festivities and the opportunity to transform our homes with decorations, lights, and the whole works! Here are our top three tips for holiday decorating that will dazzle your guests.

1. Play with Contrasting Colours

Traditional Christmas colours, like red and green, offer that extra festive pop. Consider adding contrasting colours to make your decor stand out if you have a particular colour scheme in your home. 

For example:

  • Use dark ornaments if the aesthetic palette of your home is light
  • Use white or silver decor to brighten up the space if your home’s aesthetic is dark
  • Wrap dark green garland around white stair railings
  • Wrap white garland around dark stair railings, like mahogany or walnut
  • Add green or black decor on all-white walls

The above are just a few examples of how you can play with contrast and add depth to your holiday decorations!

2. Lighting for the Ambience

Nothing quite like the holiday season makes us want to cozy up on our couch to watch Christmas movies with a warm mug of hot chocolate. This setting is an excellent opportunity to add indoor string lights, tea lights, and LED candles to enhance that warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Remember only to use lights designed indoors and never install outdoor lights inside your home. This is a safety precaution, as any electrical elements pose a hazard.

3. Go All Out!

Last but certainly not least, this is the time to pull out all the stops on your home decor.

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to add as much garland, colour, lights, ornament, ribbons, and Santa statues as possible. When decorating your house for Christmas, there are no rules – it’s whatever makes you and your family feel joyful and in the holiday spirit.

Home for Christmas

We understand that our homes are a place of rest and comfort. You deserve to love and enjoy the space you live in, and we will continue to help you achieve that with quality interior design products.

We offer professional installation regarding flooring, cabinets, custom countertops and more! If you are interested in a FREE consultation regarding any questions about flooring or interior design, contact us.

We hope you and your families have a Merry Christmas, and we look forward to working with you in the new year and onward!

Bathroom with Tile Flooring

Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom with Tile Flooring


If your bathroom needs a refresh, there are plenty of quick and cost-effective renovations you can do. A fresh set of tiles can make you fall in love with your bathroom again. Add a luxurious touch, amp up the personality, or choose something more budget-friendly to elevate your space. Here are some helpful tips for remodelling your bathroom. 

Make a Plan

Whether you’re a seasoned do-it-yourselfer or this is your first remodelling project, you always want to start with a plan. Even if your tile flooring doesn’t have a pattern on it that you need to line up carefully, you need to have your layout planned before you do anything else. You must cut around and accommodate any vents or fixtures that stick out, bathtubs, showers, toilets and vanities. 

Always Double Check Size

Measure twice; cut once is a saying for a reason. Knowing the exact measurements of your new tile flooring is crucial to making the plan come to life. Being off by even an inch can impact the whole layout, so you want to be sure of the tile size you’re working with. Measuring out your tiles and doing a dry layout will help avoid disaster. 

Start Laying Out Tile

Laying out your tile from the centre and moving outwards ensures you’ll have as many whole pieces of tile as possible. It’s the best approach to make your tile flooring look as if it was professionally installed. 

Make Sure Your Mortar is Smooth

Having perfectly smooth mortar is essential for a proper installation. Mix your mortar and then let it stand for about ten minutes. During this time, any dry clumps should absorb enough moisture to disappear. Do a final mix, and it should be completely smooth. 

Use a Self-Leveling Compound

Using a self-levelling compound can help you smooth and level your floor without much effort. With new trends like heated flooring, you can easily add heating pads or tubes to this compound. When your flooring isn’t perfectly level, your tile flooring can be susceptible to cracking and breaking. The right compound will save you money in the long run.

Drying Time

If this is your first time installing a tile floor, you may find that mortar dries quite fast, but you want to allow extra drying time while you’re working. If you dampen the floor before adding the mortar, it will stay moist and won’t dry as fast. You can also mix the mortar with a latex additive to make it dry slower instead of water. 

Riverbend Interiors: Your Remodeling Partner

Remodeling your bathroom can be straightforward, and new tiles can bring new life to your space. Choosing the right ceramic tile for your bathroom is easy at Riverbend Interiors Floors & Decor. With 25 years of experience and an impressive customer experience, our locally-owned business is here to help with all your flooring needs. 

Since 1999, our tile store in Cochrane has offered the right products for transforming homes into dream homes. We carry some top tile brands, including Centura, Saltillo, Tierra Sol, and more. Our passion lies in artistry, craftsmanship, and interior design, and we know you’ll have a great experience working with us

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Our shop local guarantee means we will match any competitor’s price on identical products.  If we don’t have the products you’re looking for we’ll gladly search the market for it.  With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ll also be glad to explain how you get what you pay for with quality products and installations.