6 Tips for Protecting Your Beautiful Floors During Your Canada Day Party

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Canada Day - Riverbend Interiors

6 Tips for Protecting Your Beautiful Floors During Your Canada Day Party


It’s that time of year again when Canadians gather to celebrate Canada Day! Hosting friends and family at your home for a gathering is an exciting time that’s sure to create great memories. As the festivities approach, we want to provide you with some helpful tips to ensure that your beautiful flooring withstands the foot traffic, spills, and general wear and tear a party can bring.

Ensuring Your Floors Are Protected

1. Use entry mats and rugs – Entry mats and area rugs are your best friends when it comes to protecting your floors. Strategically place these at entrances and high-traffic areas around your home. They will help absorb moisture and dirt brought in by your guests and also provide a buffer against high heels or hard-soled shoes that might cause scratches or dents on wooden flooring.

2. Implement a ‘No Shoes’ policy – It might seem like a tough rule to enforce, but a ‘no shoes’ policy can help preserve the integrity of your floors significantly. Shoes can track in dirt, scratch the floor, and even cause dents. Consider providing festive, disposable slippers for your guests or a fun pair of Canada Day socks as a party favour and a solution for those who might feel uncomfortable barefoot.

3. Clean spills quickly – Spills are inevitable during any party. The quicker you clean them, the less likely they are to stain or damage your flooring. Ensure you have plenty of absorbent cloths or paper towels handy for prompt clean-up. For wood or laminate floors, try to prevent liquids from sitting on the surface, as they can cause warping or discolouration.

4. Use protective pads on furniture – Before the party, take a few minutes to apply felt pads to the bottom of chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces. This preventive measure helps avoid scratches when furniture is moved around as your guests mix, mingle, and move about.

5. Create designated eating areas — Try to limit food and drink to certain areas of your home, preferably those with tile or other hard, easy-to-clean flooring. Creating designated eating and drinking areas will help you control the mess and limit potential stains on more sensitive flooring.

6. Floor cleaning after the party — Once the celebration has wound down, a thorough floor cleaning is essential. Vacuum, sweep, or mop as appropriate for your flooring type. Be sure to use the correct cleaning products for your flooring, as using the wrong product can easily damage it, remove the finish, etch tile, and create other damage.

With so many options on the market, picking the correct cleaner can be overwhelming. The knowledgeable staff at Riverbend Interiors would be happy to help you select the correct cleaner for your floors. We carry cleaners for all flooring types and know which product is appropriate for your particular floor.

Riverbend Interiors: Proudly Canadian

At Riverbend Interiors, we are proud of our Canadian roots. We have a deep appreciation and love for our nation’s stunning landscape and rich cultural heritage. With the Canadian values of integrity, community, and quality, our team is devoted to providing every customer with superior service. We offer an impressive array of flooring options designed to enrich and enliven Canadian homes.

Our beautiful selection of products reflects the diverse, rugged beauty of Canada itself, from rustic, wide-plank hardwoods reminiscent of our sprawling forests to chic, urban tile designs inspired by our bustling cityscapes.

In true Canadian spirit, we believe in sustainability and provide environmentally friendly options that not only beautify homes but also protect the natural beauty of our homeland. Riverbend Interiors is more than a flooring store – it’s a celebration of our Canadian identity.

From all of us here at Riverbend Interiors, we wish you a safe and festive Canada Day!

Hardwood Flooring in Living Room

Things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is a coveted option for homeowners because of the warmth and beauty it brings to your home. Available in a variety of species, colours, widths, and finishes, hardwood flooring fits in with virtually any decor style and complements your lifestyle.

If you are considering hardwood flooring for your home, there are a few things to consider to ensure you choose the right type for your family and lifestyle.

Solid vs. Engineered

Solid hardwood is just as it sounds, a solid plank of wood through and through. Typically, solid hardwood is ¾” thick and comes in widths up to 5”. In Alberta’s dry climate, when going wider than 3½ inches wide, it is advised to go with an engineered product that is more structurally stable. An advantage of solid hardwood is the longer life span due to being able to be refinished many times.

The main disadvantage of solid hardwood is that it is less dimensionally stable than engineered hardwood and more susceptible to humidity. It expands with high moisture levels and shrinks with low humidity levels.

Finally, solid products can only be installed above grade (not in basements), should not be installed in high moisture areas like bathrooms, must be nailed or stapled, not floated, and cannot be used in areas with in-floor heat. For these spaces, consider luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Engineered hardwood combines a natural hardwood veneer with a cross-layered plywood core, creating a more stable product than solid hardwood. It is available in different thicknesses up to ¾” and widths ranging from 3” to 9”. However, products wider than 5” require a more specialized and costly installation, such as glue assist.

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood can be installed below grade, over radiant heat (most species), and stapled, nailed, glued, or floated. Not all engineered hardwoods are manufactured equally, and some inexpensive options are more likely to have issues such as delaminating and checking.


Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, hardwood flooring will reflect your home. If you have children, pets, and high-traffic areas, the flooring will sustain dents, dings, and imperfections. Hardwood is easy to clean and maintain, but it won’t be secretive about what goes on in your home. It can tell a story about a well-loved and lived-in space.

Humidity and Temperature

Hardwood is susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature in your home, causing it to expand and contract. Alberta is very dry and experiences temperatures from -40°C during the winter and +30°C during the summer. Engineered hardwood is designed to mediate the expansion and contraction of the wood when there are fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

However, it is still essential to maintain a temperature of 18°-24°C and humidity at 35-55% at all times. It is also important to acclimate your hardwood to your home’s environment prior to installation. Excessive heat or dryness can cause boards to gap or split, while excessive humidity can cause cupping. Damage from humidity or temperature will not be covered under your hardwood warranty.

Sheen and Colour

When selecting hardwood flooring, the sheen level is also something to consider. Hardwood used to have a glossy finish, but new styles come in semi-gloss, matte, and brushed finishes.

Glossy and semi-gloss finishes have the most sheen and are quite reflective, while matte and brushed finishes have little to no sheen or light reflection. Glossy and semi-gloss hardwood tends to show minor scratches and wear more readily, but matte and brushed hardwood helps hide the wear and tear of a busy household.

Whether solid or engineered, hardwood is available in various colours. Dark hardwood can create a cozy ambiance in medium to large areas, but smaller spaces can make a room appear cramped. Dark stains also show foot traffic, scratches and dirt more readily, causing many homeowners to opt for a medium, light or natural stain.

Medium stains help bring out the wood’s natural grain, while lighter stains can make space appear larger. Natural-finished hardwood is just a clear stain that allows the wood’s beauty to really show through.

Wood Species

Each wood species has its colour tone, grain pattern, hardness, and physical properties. Domestic hardwoods such as Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, and Maple tend to have a lighter tone unless stained, while woods like Walnut or Acacia are naturally darker.

Colour variation and grain patterns can be quite strong, as with Red Oak, Hickory and Acacia, moderate, seen in White Oak and Walnut, or very clean, as with Maple. Depending on the look you are going for, stronger grains and colour variation tend to be busier, especially on narrower boards. In comparison, cleaner grains and less colour variation are more uniform.

Walnut is a relatively soft hardwood that is less susceptible to changes in humidity but is more likely to dent. Red Oak is the benchmark for hardness and performs very well in Alberta’s dry climate. White Oak is similar to Red Oak but is harder, making it a stable and durable choice.

Harder than White Oak, Maple is another durable option that resists scratches and dents but can shrink and expand with changes in humidity. Hickory and Acacia are hardier species and are more sensitive to low levels of humidity, which can result in shrinking and even cracking of the boards.

Choosing the Right Company to Work With

It’s important to know that cost is always a factor, and the hardwood flooring industry has had an influx of inexpensive choices. Unfortunately, these less expensive hardwood options have resulted in poor quality and disappointed homeowners. Dealing with a company that is knowledgeable and committed to quality, environmental responsibility, and fair pricing will ensure that your floor looks beautiful and performs for years to come.

Hardwood Flooring Specialists in Cochrane

Choosing the perfect hardwood flooring for your Cochrane home is a decision that combines aesthetics, durability, and value. At Riverbend Interiors, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of high-quality hardwood flooring options to suit every style and budget. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you find the ideal flooring solution that meets your needs and enhances the beauty of your home.

Visit our Cochrane showroom to explore our wide range of hardwood flooring and discover the perfect match for your space. With expert advice and personalized service, Riverbend Interiors is your trusted partner in creating a warm and inviting home. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward transforming your living space with stunning hardwood flooring.

Best Flooring for Your Home

The Best Flooring Choices for Your Home


Flooring is the epitome of form and function in your home. It can determine the look and feel of your space, yet it’s walked all over and has to be as functional as possible. With so many great flooring options available, it can be hard to choose what will work for the needs of your household. Here’s a look at some of the most popular choices: hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, sheet vinyl flooring, and carpet flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors offer a timeless elegance, and they can work well in any room, enhancing the space with natural warmth and distinctive grain patterns. Not only do they add a touch of luxury, but hardwood floors also increase the resale value of your home. With construction techniques and finishes, hardwood flooring is now more durable and versatile than ever before. Perfect for all spaces like kitchens and half bathrooms, hardwood is an excellent alternative to tile.

Whether you are after solid or engineered hardwood, the installation can adapt to a variety of subfloors throughout your home. At Riverbend Interiors, we provide expert consultation to help you select the best type of wood and finish to meet your specific requirements. We also offer high-quality maintenance products to ensure your hardwood floor remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Laminate Flooring

If you love the look of hardwood but need a more cost-effective and durable solution, laminate flooring is an excellent choice. Modern laminate floors mimic an extensive range of hardwood styles and are built to withstand heavy traffic, making them ideal for busy households. The manufacturing advances have enabled laminate to offer realistic textures and visuals that are hard to distinguish from natural wood.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

For those seeking a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality, sheet vinyl flooring is worth considering. Vinyl flooring is known for its superb water resistance and durability and is particularly suitable for high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. The material comes in various designs, from beautiful and realistic wood and stone imitations to bold geometric patterns. Sheet vinyl is easy to maintain and install, making it a practical choice for fast-paced households.

Carpet Flooring

Nothing compares to carpet flooring for comfort and warmth, especially in Cochrane, where it can be cold for much of the year. Carpet provides a cozy underfoot feeling that is particularly welcoming in bedrooms and living areas. Carpet also offers excellent sound insulation, making it ideal for homes with kids or apartments where noise dampening is necessary.

It can be a much safer option for older individuals or people with mobility issues, as there is less chance of slipping and falling on carpet than hardwood or sheet vinyl.

We stock carpets in various textures, colours, and materials to perfectly match your home’s style. Our experts are on hand to help you select a carpet that looks great and withstands the demands of your everyday life.

Exceptional Flooring Options and Advice from Riverbend Interiors

While tiles are a traditional choice for many homeowners, exploring other options like hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, sheet vinyl flooring, and carpet flooring can provide you with various aesthetics and functionalities that tiles might not offer.

At Riverbend Interiors Floors & Decor, we are committed to helping you choose the right flooring that fits your design vision and your household’s practical needs. Visit our Cochrane location to explore our wide selection and take advantage of our professional installation services to ensure that whatever flooring you choose enhances your home for years to come.

Carpet Flooring for Warm and Cozy Feel

Carpet Flooring: Warm and Cozy Flooring Options for Winter


Cochrane residents know that winter in Alberta can last six months or more each year, and with temperatures hitting the low -40 °C’s, anything we can do to boost warmth is ideal.

Carpet flooring serves more than just adding comfort and style to your home. They prove especially beneficial during the colder months. While all flooring types have benefits, carpets stand out for their superior performance in colder climates. Working with a premium carpet flooring store in Cochrane is recommended for those considering a flooring upgrade. Here’s why carpets have become an increasingly popular choice as a Cochrane resident.

Benefits of Choosing Carpet Flooring

While hard floors are favoured for their ease of cleaning and stain resistance, they lack insulating properties. In colder weather, hardwood floors can feel uncomfortably cold. Adding a rug can provide additional insulation, creating a warmer environment. The dense fibres of carpet flooring are effective at trapping heat during winter and keeping the space cool in summer, making rugs a preferred choice in regions with colder climates. The thicker the carpet, the better its capacity to retain heat, reducing heating costs.

Carpets can absorb moisture, helping to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your home during the damp, cold months.

The softness of carpets adds warmth and reduces the strain on your feet and back. This advantage becomes particularly appreciable when hosting guests during the holiday season. The cushioning effect provided by carpet padding makes standing and mingling for extended periods significantly more comfortable.

Safety is another critical benefit of carpeting during winter. Wet, snowy footwear can make floors dangerously slippery. Carpet flooring offers better grip and stability, minimizing the risk of slips and falls. Stairs can pose safety hazards to many people with mobility issues, and carpet flooring can help reduce those hazards, offering increased resistance.

A well-chosen carpet flooring can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. They introduce a spectrum of colours and patterns that can illuminate and add vitality to a space.

Beyond just complementing your existing décor, choosing a beautiful carpet can become a striking focal point.

Carpet flooring can decrease noise levels and reduce echoes in a space. The difference is noticeable when comparing the sound of footsteps on a hard surface versus a carpet floor. The latter significantly softens the impact of footsteps, resulting in quieter movements and less disturbance to others. Carpet flooring absorbs all sounds beyond footsteps, resulting in a quieter home in general.

Carpet Flooring in Cochrane

At Riverbend Interiors Floors & Decor, we provide a wide range of carpet flooring options that enhance your home’s warmth and safety in every season. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with selecting and fitting the ideal carpet to make your winter months more enjoyable. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate, and let us help you transform your home with comfortable, stylish, and safe flooring.

Replacing Your Floors with Hardwood Flooring

The Truth About Replacing Your Floors


When you start thinking about replacing your floors, do you get overwhelmed? It can seem like a daunting task. You look around, see your furniture, and wonder, where would I put it all? I don’t want to move out of my house for weeks. How will we function without a kitchen? 

It may seem like replacing all floors in your home with vinyl plank flooring or hardwood flooring will take weeks and require you to move out. This is not the case, not even in large homes where all flooring is being replaced. The truth is most jobs can be done in 5 days or less.

Order of Installation

Riverbend Interiors has specialized crews that only install what they are great at. This means we have a crew that only installs vinyl plank flooring, a crew that only installs carpet flooring, a crew that only installs tile flooring and one that only installs hardwood flooring

Our specialized crews ensure the work is done quickly, with the best possible final product. There is also a proper order to the installations when doing multiple products. Tile goes first, then hard surface, and finally carpet. 

The Logistics of Furniture, Appliances and Baseboards

As professionals, we here at Riverbend have a system that allows you to stay in your home with minimal inconvenience. While it’s true you will have to move the little stuff and electronics, we move the large stuff out of and back into a room often on the same day. Our process means you can sleep in your room, and we move the furniture out of the room in the morning, lay the flooring, and then move the furniture back in before we leave that day. 

Flooring can be done in multiple small rooms in one day. The same goes for the kitchen. We move the appliances in and out with an air sled so as not to damage your new flooring. In most cases, it can be done in one day. The installation crews will remove and reinstall any baseboards and doors that need to come off for the installation. 

Riverbend will work closely with you to set a schedule day by day so you know what to expect and to make sure your world is not disrupted more than it has to be.

What to Expect Before the Installation

The installation process begins after you have accepted a quote from Riverbend Interiors. The product will be ordered, and once the order confirmation comes in, the Riverbend scheduler will work with you to choose the most convenient date and one that is the least disruptive to your life. 

Customers often choose when they are on vacation, but this is optional. At this point, the scheduler will let you know roughly how many days your job will take. A more detailed schedule will be shared a week before the installation date, and all the job details will be gone through, so you will know exactly what to expect.

What to Expect During Installation

On the agreed-upon date, the installation crew will arrive at your house. If you have questions about the installation process, you’ll meet with your lead installer about the details. You should have a pretty good idea of the plan before they arrive, but it’s always good to go over the details with the installer as they will better grasp the scope of work once they see the workspace. They will tell you how long they will work each day and what they expect to accomplish that day.  

Installing New Floors with Riverbend Interiors

That’s it! After the crew has completed the job, a Riverbend employee will reach out to ensure you are satisfied with the process and outcome. New flooring may sound like a huge undertaking, but it can be painless and rewarding with the professionals at Riverbend. 

The beauty and character you will add to your home will be worth the minor inconvenience of the installation. Whether you’re looking for vinyl plank flooring, hardwood flooring or carpet flooring, our professional team can help transform your home. Contact us today. 

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